Contact by Jake Shivery

Here it is. We’ve prepped you and teased you and warned you and now it’s happened: One Twelve Publishing is making the Jake Shivery book a reality–with your help.

BEHOLD the Kickstarter for One Twelve Publishing’s presentation of Jake Shivery’s “Contact”. On this page you will find a video that explains the project in more detail, thoughtful arguments on why you should back the project, and all the cool stuff you can get when you do. And we really, really hope that you do.

Seems like a lot to be excited about, right? But because we love you, we want you to have even more. And so One Twelve Publishing will be posting consecutive pieces of Oliver Ogden Photography’s short documentary on Jake throughout the run of the Kickstarter. These beautifully filmed segments will give you further insight into the mind behind the photographs, the essay, and Blue Moon Camera.

Presales for the book are available on the Kickstarter, as well, so check it out and do what moves you. If you’d like to share it along, that’s fantastic. If you feel like chatting it up at the company water cooler, we’re honored. If you can spare some support, well, we’re over the moon.