‘Roid week 2012: celebrating the instant…. right now.

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Photo by Peter Carlson


Forget Poladroid.  Turn off Fauxlaroid.  This week is the time to celebrate instant film itself, the original form of instant gratification.  While Polaroid no longer produces film for our stalwart Land Cameras, SX70s and One Shot 600s; instant film is far from dead and gone.  These days those Automatic Land Cameras and polaroid backs for your medium format cameras can be filled with film made by Fuji (available in both 100 ISO color and 3000 ISO b&w).  Want to dust off your SX70 and 600 cameras?  A not-as-crazy-as-they-seem company in the Netherlands by the name of The Impossible Project can help you there.  If you pay a visit to their site, you can even take a virtual tour of the building where the film is made.  But that is not all!  Instant Film is not just about recycling those old cameras from the 70s.  Pick up a Fuji Instax, either in the wide or mini format, and you can get a fresh and modern start to your instant adventures.  There are still two days left for ‘Roid Week 2012, so to give you a bit of an inspirational boost, we figured we would share some of our own instant adventures.  We hope you enjoy.  If this modest selection doesn’t quite scratch the itch, try out the “Roid Week 2012 Flickr group.  Also, browse through Instax Gratification, a Fuji Instax-centric Tumblr group.

Photo by David Paulin

Photo by JaNae Hagel

Photo by Wendi Andrews

Photo by Peter Carlson

Photo by Nancy Guidry

Photo by Darcy Sharpe-Meade

Photo by Faulkner Short

Photo by Zeb Andrews




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