Meet the Blue Moon Crew

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Whether you come in often or have never met us face to face, we thought it’d be a good idea to introduce ourselves. Meet the crew, learn what we do, and come by to say hi some day!


Erin Johnson


Where you’ll find her: Erin is most likely spotted on our scanning desk, providing expert scans of our customer’s film.

What’s in her camera bag: A Hasselblad 500 c/m, Voigtlander Bessa L, Fuji Tiara, and Fuji GW690


Arthur Ruckle


Where you’ll find him: Arthur bounces back and forth between the back and the front of house. When up front you will likely find him helping customers with a friendly face and knowledgeable word; when in the back he’s helping with our tech department to keep all our online entities running smoothly.


Sophia Diaz


Where you’ll find her: You’ll probably see Sophia helping out over the counter on your next trip in. Friendly and knowledgable, she’s a great resource for anyone with questions about film.

What she does in her off time: Sophia enjoys amateur boxing, brushing her teeth, and writing poetry. Only occasionally at the same time.

What’s in her camera bag: A Canon F1 and Holga



Mike Knight

Where you’ll find him: Mike is a long time expert in film cameras and photography. You’ll see him out on the shop floor, talking up cameras and checking out the attic relics that find their way into the shop.

What he does in his off time: Mike is often seen spending time with his awesome daughters, Kassie and Lexi.

What’s in his camera bag: Mike’s camera bag is like a magician’s hat: it has no limit in what it can hold, and there might be a few stray rabbits in there. Pretty much if it exists, it’s in Mike’s camera bag.


Junior Burdett

Photo by Jim Hair

Photo by Jim Hair

Where you’ll find him:  All over, really. Junior is often seen up front helping customers find their perfect camera or film, and even more often in the back, bundling and shipping out national orders.

What he does in his off time: Junior used to spend his off hours getting punched in the face while pursuing concert photography, but for some reason he’s decided to move on to something else. Now he spends his hours not going on Social Media, quoting Trailer Park Boys, dodging drones, or petting dogs. Updates on that front will be forthcoming.

What’s, currently, in his camera bag: A Hasselblad 500 c/m, Crown Graphic 4×5, Horizont, Olympus Stylus, Holga, and a Zero Image 2000.


Jim Hair

Jim by Jim

Where you’ll find him: Everyone knows Jim; he’s a staple of the Blue Moon Camera counter. While you’re here he will gladly let you in on all his insider’s knowledge about film, photography, and life. It’s well worth your while to give him a listen.

What he does in his off time: Jim takes no off time from photography. When not in the shop, he is out in the world turning light and happenstance into photographs and strangers into portraits.

What’s in his camera bag: Hasselblad 500 c/m, Speed Graphic

Jim’s Flickr Portfolio


Christal Angelique

Photo by Peter Carlson

Photo by Peter Carlson

Where you’ll find her: Christal is our lead color film developer. If it’s color, she develops it, and even finds the time to help out customers over the counter with all their equipment and film needs. Chances are if you’ve stopped in the shop, you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her.

What she does in her off time: Much of Christal’s time is taken up making beautiful and thoughtful black and white portraits and landscapes with a variety of cameras. When not behind a camera, she can be found in the recording studio or rehearsing with her band, Sandy Loam.

What’s in her camera bag: Hasselblad 500c/m, Canon AE1
Christal’s website portfolio


Katt Janson Merilo


Photo by Zeb Andrews

Photo by Zeb Andrews

Where you’ll see her: Online! After almost 4 years of working around the shop in various capacities, Katt now works from her new home in Washington, producing the occasional article and social media content.

What she does elsewhere: Katt sometimes writes book reviews for One Twelve Publishing’s blog, and is an occasional contributor on the Film Shooters Collective photostream and blog. In her day job, she is a high school Special Education teacher in Auburn, Washington.

What’s in her camera bag: A Canon AE1 and 50mm lens that her mother bought during her deployment in Vietnam; Holga, Zero Image 2000, and, occasionally, a 4×5 Speed Graphic

Katt’s website portfolio

David Paulin

Photo by Zeb Andrews

Photo by Zeb Andrews

Where you’ll see him: David is our color printer extraordinaire, and you will see him most days behind our beloved printing machine “Nora”. If he isn’t there, he’s likely in the darkroom or studio organizing our 8×11 sized Spy Film for MINOX cameras.

What he does in his off time: We don’t give David off time.

What’s in his camera bag: A Mamiya RB67, Mamiya C330, MINOX III, Nikomat, Holga, Zero Image 2000

David’s Flickr Portfolio


Peter Carlson


Where you’ll see him: Peter is a master darkroom printer, and to that effect we often lock him away in the darkroom to produce our true black and white prints. We let him out occasionally, though, and you’ve likely seen him at the counter or talked to him on the phone at least once.

What he does in his off time: Peter has recently completed a box set of darkroom prints from vintage negatives of nudes, titled Nudes I Never Knew. He is working on other printing projects, and is also setting up a portrait studio in his house for his photographic endeavors.

What’s in his camera bag: Currently, Rolleiflex Automat EVS, Hasselblad 500 c/m, and a couple of Holgas

Peter’s website portfolio


Faulkner Short

Photo by Jake Shivery

Photo by Jake Shivery

Where you’ll see him: Faulkner is one of our star printers, and is often seen working on our black and white and obscure film format printer, affectionately dubbed “Ray”. If he’s not there, he’s probably processing black and white film in the back, or making the staff a delicious five-star lunch in the kitchen.

What he does in his off time: Faulkner is also known as DJ Folklore. He has his own show, Chauncy Pops, airing on xrayfm on Sunday mornings and House of Sound Monday nights.

What’s in his camera bag: A Zero Image pinhole, Leica M3, Nikon F2, Instax Wide, Minox B, and others

Faulkner’s Flickr Portfolio


Zeb Andrews


Where you’ll see him: Zeb is our resident Jack-of-all-trades. When he’s not up front answering all imaginable obscure questions from photographers, he’s probably performing quality checks on our printing machines or mixing chemistry in the dark room.

What he does in his off time: If he’s awake, he has a camera in his hands. Zeb spends much of his downtime teaching for Newspace Center for Photography, and all time not accounted for out in the world with a camera.

What’s in his camera bag: A little bit of everything, including a Hasselblad 500C, Innova pinhole, Holga, and Pentacon SixTL, just to name a few.

Zeb’s Website Portfolio


Kelly Palin


Where you’ll find her: Kelly does all our books, so she’s often seen in the back working away on Excel or other complicated financial spreadsheets the rest of us can only begin to understand. She’s the one making sure we’ve crossed all our t’s and dotted all our i’s, and we would be an uncrossed, undotted mess without her.

What she does in her off time: Our resident expert in a variety of topics related to gardening and healthy eating, Kelly loves spending time in her garden. When not busy raising her garden, she is most often spending time with her daughters.

What’s in her camera bag: A calculator and portfolio of really good looking spreadsheets.


Jake Shivery


Where you’ll see him: Jake walks the floor most days, handling all your sales, consignment, and general expertise needs. He’s just the person to provide the odd piece of expert information and invaluable advice on photography at large.

What he does in his off time: Many Sunday mornings, especially in the winter months, are dedicated to large format portraiture in his back yard. Jake recently released a book of his 8×10 film photography, titled Contact.

What’s in his camera bag: An 8×10 Deardorff and MINOX III camera, loaded with Spy Film.

Jake’s Flickr Portfolio



Photo by Jim Hair

Photo by Jim Hair

Where you’ll find her: Daisy is Jake’s dog, and she is very calm, friendly, photogenic, and well trained. To the last point, she will not venture out past the black curtain, but she may poke her head out to say hello every now and then. Feel free to go give her a pet if you’d like, and she’ll love you for it.

What she does in her off time: She is often seen being incidental in the background of Jake’s portraits. When not lying just within frame, she can be found running through the park or the river, or enjoying a lazy afternoon in the backyard.

What’s in her camera bag: She has no camera bag; she’s a dog, silly.

For more photos of Daisy, click here



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