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Vivian Maier’s 1950s Self-Portraiture and the Invisibility of the Unmarried Woman

Our staff has a wide variety of talents and interests, and we love when they intersect with the work we do here. For example, our social media expert, Mary, doubles as a history student at the University of Portland. When she was assigned to write a historical analysis on some form of media in relation […]


by Mary Thomas   It’s a sunny day, but I can’t tell down here in a room void of windows. Draped over everything is a dim, red veil of light coming from three small lamps. Music echoes across the nearly empty room. Nearly empty, except for me, hunched over a tray of chemicals tapping my […]

Meet the Blue Moon Crew

     Blue Moon Camera Crew at 2017 Customer Show                     Blue Moon Camera Crew circa 2015   Whether you come in often or have never met us face to face, we thought it’d be a good idea to introduce ourselves. Meet the crew, learn what […]

Project Self-Portrait

As a way to celebrate the relationship between a photographer and their camera, we asked our followers to send in mirror self-portraits. This represents one of the most important aspects of what we do. It’s not just about the camera and it’s not just about the photographer. It’s a union between the two that makes […]

The Analog Profiles: Jon Moore

By Mary Thomas   As I pulled up to the agreed-upon coffee shop in St. John’s, I spotted my appointment across the street with a beard, a flannel, and a Pentax 67. I waited for him to go in first, and watched with a chuckle as he passed the front door and walked to the […]

Adventures in Color Film

By Mary Thomas When I started working at Blue Moon Camera, I became much more concerned with the film stocks that I was using. Whereas before I would pick up any old roll at a grocery store and shoot, at BMC I was surrounded by film stocks of all sorts. I found myself intrigued by all of […]

Color Infrared Film with Heather Boyd

  Photographer, illustrator, and pastel-fanatic Heather Boyd shows us the world in shades of pink and blue. No, this isn’t a Lightroom preset or a post-processing series of clicks and adjustments. Her secret? Color infrared film.     Heather worked with a lot of different film stocks over several months before finding one that suited […]

The Analog Profiles: Mia Krys

By Mary Thomas   Mia Krys carries a small box of exposed and not-yet-developed 4×5 sheet film in both hands as she walks from her in-home studio to her in-home darkroom. It’s not a long walk, but she holds the box close to her body; inside the cardboard walls and the black plastic wrapping is […]

Harley Cowan’s “Manhattan Project”

By Mary Thomas   A customer of ours made a brilliant series of photos at the Hanford Reservation, a decommissioned nuclear production site in Washington.     Although Harley Cowan‘s Rollieflex is what goes with him everywhere, these photographs were made on his Sinar F2 4×5. He began shooting large format about four years ago and […]