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Resolving to understand scan resolutions

Resolutions. It seems they are either causing undue amounts of New Year’s-related angst or they are sending photographers into circles of confusion.  Well, we can help you with one of these problems (you’re on your own with that new diet come the new year). Let’s start simple.  When we are talking about the resolution of […]

Vivian Maier, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Photography

I can barely wait a week to see my developed film. Most photographers nowadays don’t even wait a minute. More and more I find myself wanting to see my work faster, oftentimes letting the quality and archivability of my art suffer so I can get gratification as fast as possible. I’ve become so obsessed with […]

Shooting Super 8 Today, Part III

All right! You have your Super 8 camera and an idea for a cinematic masterpiece. All you need to do is pop some film into the camera and you’re ready to roll, right? It’s all so simple until it isn’t For the first couple decades after Super 8 came about, there weren’t a lot of […]

Shooting Super 8 Today, Part II

Technicolor Mark Ten Super 8 camera.  It looks awesome, but does it do everything you want? Photo by John Kratz. Do you have a Super 8 camera, but you’re not sure if it works, or if it has the features you need?  Or if you’re shopping for a camera, how do you know if one […]

Shooting Super 8 Today, Part I

Why shoot Super 8 film today?  With the ever-growing variety of ways to capture moving images today, why choose Super 8?  Because it’s fun and exciting! There are plenty of logical reasons – for instance, it’s the least expensive way to shoot analog motion picture film; and like Minox film, the diminutive size of Super […]

‘Roid week 2012: celebrating the instant…. right now.

  Forget Poladroid.  Turn off Fauxlaroid.  This week is the time to celebrate instant film itself, the original form of instant gratification.  While Polaroid no longer produces film for our stalwart Land Cameras, SX70s and One Shot 600s; instant film is far from dead and gone.  These days those Automatic Land Cameras and polaroid backs […]

Why film?

  During the course of my daily photographic life, both personally and professionally, it is not uncommon to hear one or more of the following comments or questions: Is that really a film camera? Does it work? You can still get film for that? I thought film was extinct. Why would you want to shoot […]

Whither the School Darkroom?

These days, I am frequently asked about the necessity and viability of the traditional school darkroom. As you might expect, I am a vehement supporter of keeping these facilities intact, functional and accessible to students from all walks of life. Working against the conventional wisdom that “film is dead”, I thought it might be helpful […]

Flying with film, X-rays, TSA and other fun stuff, Part 2.

Welcome back.  The last time we were here discussed some of the finer points of flying with film, specifically navigating the x-rays of airport security without risking damage to your film.  This week I want to talk about two ways to circumvent airport security (legally of course) altogether: processing out of country and/or shipping film […]

Flying with film, X-rays, TSA and other fun stuff.

Paris.  Rome.  Cairo.  Hong Kong.  So many places to see, so many photographs to be made, right?  Before you can start making photos of all these far off places, you have to get there.  And so does your film. Ironically, with all the changes over the last several years in airport security, my biggest concern […]

Light and time may not be endangered species but we are still always losing them

“Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.”  — George Eastman Simply, this is a glass negative found across the street at the Salvation Army.  If I had to guess I would say it […]

You Are Your Camera

Treating your camera well seems straightforward enough, and everyone knows to keep their equipment clean and safe.  What may be somewhat less obvious is that all cameras need exercise – they were designed to run frequently, and if they’re allowed to, they will run well for the long term.  This is a critical point – […]

HOLY MACKEREL! All systems are go!

Or What the heck is a Codex? Well, we’ve been gone for almost a whole month – did you miss us? We missed you. We are exceptionally excited to be reopened and back in action – renovated, reorganized, lean and mean. So – what are the results of all that banging and clattering behind closed […]