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The Analog Profiles: Jon Moore

By Mary Thomas   As I pulled up to the agreed-upon coffee shop in St. John’s, I spotted my appointment across the street with a beard, a flannel, and a Pentax 67. I waited for him to go in first, and watched with a chuckle as he passed the front door and walked to the […]

Color Infrared Film with Heather Boyd

  Photographer, illustrator, and pastel-fanatic Heather Boyd shows us the world in shades of pink and blue. No, this isn’t a Lightroom preset or a post-processing series of clicks and adjustments. Her secret? Color infrared film.     Heather worked with a lot of different film stocks over several months before finding one that suited […]

The Analog Profiles: Mia Krys

By Mary Thomas   Mia Krys carries a small box of exposed and not-yet-developed 4×5 sheet film in both hands as she walks from her in-home studio to her in-home darkroom. It’s not a long walk, but she holds the box close to her body; inside the cardboard walls and the black plastic wrapping is […]

Harley Cowan’s “Manhattan Project”

By Mary Thomas   A customer of ours made a brilliant series of photos at the Hanford Reservation, a decommissioned nuclear production site in Washington.     Although Harley Cowan‘s Rollieflex is what goes with him everywhere, these photographs were made on his Sinar F2 4×5. He began shooting large format about four years ago and […]

Drinking with Jake (Round Five) – Heidi Kirkpatrick

Next in a series in which Jake Shivery and a guest get pickled and talk photography. Heidi Kirkpatrick is a nationally  renowned fine art photographer, mixed media artist and educator who resides in Portland with her husband, Doug. Editor’s note #1 : Please note that this interview is from 2015. Heidi retired from teaching as of June, […]

Rescued Film Project Interview : Levi Bettwieser

Chances are if you’re a follower of photography news online, you’ve heard about the Rescued Film Project. Last year they made digital headlines with the discovery and development of undeveloped film from a WWII photographer, and now they’ve got their hands on one of their biggest projects yet: an estimated 1,200 rolls of undeveloped film […]

Drinking with Jake (Round Four) – Mike Bain

Next in a series in which Jake Shivery and a guest get pickled and talk photography. Mike Bain is the US Marketing and Business Development Manager for Harman Technology / Ilford Photo. He has been with Ilford for 26 years and he has been working in the photo industry for over 35 years. He keeps […]

Drinking with Jake (Round Three) – Ray Bidegain

Next in a series in which Jake Shivery and a guest get pickled and talk photography. Ray Bidegain is an artist and an educator. He is an accomplished platinum printer whose work has been collected internationally for two decades. He lives with his wife Kathleen and their two daughters, Abigail and Emogene in St. Johns, […]

The Pinhole Makers

In celebration of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, we’d like to celebrate all you passionate pinhole photographers and camera makers. We sat down (virtually) with several pinhole camera makers and takers recently to pick their photographic brains about what draws them to pinhole photography, and what kind of cameras they make and use. The Pinhole Camera […]

How to run your own Instant Film Photo Booth

Nothing makes a party like a photo booth. There’s something magical about hosting a booth that produces physical prints on the spot. Incorporating an instant pack film setup can make a lasting memory, both in your attendees’ minds and with physical prints they can keep forever. And one of the best parts? It’s super easy […]

Integral Film – One Woman’s Impossible Obsession

As my college career came to a close I noticed my love for photography starting to fade.  Art school seemed to have squeezed me dry so I started to look for new ways to create beautiful images. I first fell in love with Polaroid–integral film–photography in 2008 but I didn’t know much about it.  I […]

Interviewing Clarke Galusha

Interview with Clarke Galusha Date: 9/3/2013 Where: Saraveza Bottle Shop and Pasty Tavern on N Killingsworth, Portland OR. ST: So, I wanted to start at the beginning and ask those same questions that are always asked…have you always been interested in photography? Or were there other forms of art that you were interested in? CG: […]

Drinking With Jake (Round Two) – Blue Mitchell

Next in a series in which Jake Shivery and a guest get pickled and talk photography. Blue Mitchell is a Portland based mixed media artist.  He is the co-founder of Plates to Pixels and the founder of Diffusion magazine.  The fourth edition of Diffusion hits the stands this summer. Blue interviewed Jake a couple of […]

Drinking with Jake (Round Zero) – Jason Kelley

What follows is a reprint from 2011’s Diffusion III – a precursor to “Drinking with Jake”. We reproduce it here in anticipation of Jason’s solo exhibition at Good Gallery, which opens on Friday, July 6th, 2012.    Jason Kelley and Jake Shivery have been best pals for damn near a decade. They have spent most […]

Drinking With Jake (Round One) – Chris Bennett

The first in an ongoing series in which Jake Shivery and a guest get pickled and talk photography. Chris Bennett and Jake Shivery founded their businesses with similar goals, at similar times, in the same city.  As friends, they promote one another’s artistic ventures, and have spent the last decade or so in an ad-hoc […]